Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Awards and Festivals

Well. I haven't blogged for a while, and it's not because I've been busy with events so much as busy with trying to pay rent... you know what, London rent makes NO SENSE any more.

I should do a proper post about wonderful awards - I am so grateful that I Am Henry Finch won an English Association Award and "Is there a Dog in this Book?" won a FCBG Children's Book award.
But I kept no notes, I was simply overwhelmed and then I had to run off straight to the Hay Festival.
So, I admit it, I'm not very good at social network stuff this month, evidently... just have a bunch of drawings I did at the awards ceremonies and the festival!

Germaine Greer on the left there at the Hay Literature Festival.

More green room sketches from Hay

...more Hay....

Fancy hotel in Hereford where I got to stay, yay

More Hay Festival: Margaret A Boden!!!

Salman Rushdie having a rest at Hay
Sarah McIntyre at the Union Jack Club

There were some children at the Children's Book Award. They were great. We had diner at the Union Jack Club...

...and pudding.