Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy Autumn

I hope you are all cosy, and that you are making nice things for autumn., and if you live in London I hope you can afford heating.

I am finishing a book, "How To Find Gold", and after that I'll start shaping the Anxiety comic into a graphic novel.

There are some other very exciting projects on the horizon, I'll tell you more soon.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Playpublik Krakow

Ellan and I went to run a cardboard maze building workshop at Playpublik Krakow. The festival was awesome, we met so many lovely people, played games, marvelled at things... and Krakow itself was very cosy indeed. I ate more dumplings than anyone could believe.

Rules for Secret City - the main game we ended up playing in this maze. It was a quieter, gentler maze than usual, somehow. more of a castle than a burrow or an ocean.

Ellan, building

The Mighty Hamster (or The Funny Beaver, as it came to be known somehow)

Treasure changing hands

I loved the giant hopscotch games that appeared in town (by Agustina Woodgate)

All the organisers and designers. WHEE

I'm so glad we got invited to do this, and I hope we will build many more mazes and fill them with people next year!

All these photos are by Martin C Welker, here's the whole album