Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Character Design

... new book coming up, and I am back in my favourite London Cafés, drawing.

brunch, and a drawing made with a filed down seashell

painted with horse hair and reeds

same, plus a feather boa brush harvested from the ballroom

mapping nib and horse hair brush

fountain pen and a brush made from my own hair (kept some when I had my fringe trimmed last).

Strong Pyjamas

Look at this lovely project @anslibrary tweeted...

based on "Timothy and the Strong Pyjamas", my first picture book from years ago.
So nice to see it's still being read and enjoyed!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


ANXIETY: Reasons To Live

This happened to me last week or so. They haven't been back.

EDIT: As people have been asking: the birds are not a metaphor for anything. Sometimes people come to your door to talk about God and leave some leaflets. Yes I know you know. That's who the birds are. Not a metaphor. It's only that in reality they are humans, not storks. Similarly I am not actually a cat. Hope that cleared this storyline up. :)