Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Awesome Little Robots

Here's a tiny video clip from the workshop we had to launch "Welcome To Your Awesome Robot" at the Imagine Festival.

Twenty robots were made within an hour, and these two led the celebratory robot parade.
I take no credit whatsoever, all I did was give the families a load of materials and say MAKE ROBOTS NOW! I figured they'd know what to do. Which was correct.

The plaque on the side of the left one says "STAND BACK THIS IS A DANCING ROBOT" and the other one I think might have a plaque on the back that says "INTERPLANETARY EXPLORATION VEHICLE". Both plaques from the book.

My favourite moment is not on this video: at some point these two robots suddenly turned to one another and bumped together with their arms flailing out the sides in a very small robot battle. Or maybe a hug. The amazing thing was that because of the shape of their heads and bodies they interlocked exactly.

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Anonymous said...

They need their own spin off!