Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making a Logo, in progress

I'm working on a website for the Colour Makes People Happy paint shop... I really want to get a portrait of Simon in there (it's his shop and he mixes the paints).
Siecle is the name of his company, and the company that supplied the basic white paint is supplied by a Dutch company called "De Drie Molens", so it seems right to have a windmill in the image. And I would quite like a slightly dadaist feeling to it as well as a Soviet poster flavour.

My first attempt at a portrait is above. I liked it... except for the nose, maybe. I can't quite work out if it would put people off, that nose.
So I tried this...

And this...
And this...

It's really difficult trying to make it look right at different sizes.
In the last one he looks like Kyle MacLachlan, which might or might not be a good thing in context.
I'm enjoying this but I never thought it would take me so many days trying to get it right....

It looks kind of cool on the sample pots!


By popular demand, the apron is back.
and a paint splatter. I tried a white splatter but it looked like bird poo.
Maybe I should just lose all the mills?

Wait no he looks like a butcher.
Logos, man! They are difficult!!!

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Vardagsreportern said...

I like the second portrait, maybe the nose is a bit over-accentuated, but that's not a major problem. I like the Soviet poster flavour, but I think there is something missing. He looks like a man with a vision, or a man looking into the future – that's good, but this is where my problems begin! I can't guess what his vision is about. I can see machinery, harvesters etcetera on Soviet posters, so I get a visual help in understanding the pose of people and their gaze into the future. I understand that the company De Drie Molens is important for the business, but still, the windmill confuses me.

The logo must, in my opinion, focus more on paint, not Holland. "Colour Makes People Happy" is lovely. Maybe he could wear a sweater full of paint stains? White stains, patches and marks on the b/w version of the logo and coloured ones in another version? Then I would see his vision and understand what he, and the shop, wants to achieve.

Kind regards,
Bertil Kjellberg
@kajutan (twitter)