Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Launch!

Launching "There are NO CATS in this Book"on the 15th!

Catch your copy at Review, or just stand around and smile politely!
Let me know if you want to come to the actual launch, just so I vaguely know what's going on... no need to warn me if you just want to come to the signing of course.
I'll also happily be signing at the launch, naturally.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Living By Myself

I am enjoying this new house so much... I've scrubbed the little bathroom with bicarbonate and wiped it with vinegar, now it is shiny. I've been cooking slightly odd meals. I'm not used to cooking for myself yet, I still get the seasonings wrong. I've had friends around, and I'm not quite sure what to do with them besides give them tea and biscuits - I think it would be nice to draw or make things together, but it all seems really rather new and confusing, so I just sit there and smile.
I love my armchair, that's where I write, or read. And my bed, which is comfortable, and I made a curtain canopy of bird-print fabric for it.
Sometimes there's nothing to do at all, except work. There's always work. I like drawing at the dinner table. I like colouring at the computer up in my tiny room.
Ah, I am happy.
Hm, that's all I can think of for today. I shall do some google picture research for tomorrow, and tomorrow I shall draw the most exciting double spread jungle I can draw.

Back Online!

Sleepwalkers Panel: Bear is Not Amused.

Hello World! I am back online! After days of darning and embroidering all my old skirts and even the carpet to deal with the frustration of waiting to be re-connected: here I am again! Hooray!
I drew a whole lot of stuff in the meantime, see above for a sample panel (not lettered or tidied or coloured yet).

Also, here's a bad webcam picture of one of the skirts I fixed... it needed the waistband re-making, and I embroidered a tree over the moth-holes.
Mother's Old Japanese Wool Skirt, Embroidered
More soon, but right now I need to have dinner and then research odd hairstyles for the comic.
Anyway, hello though :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back soon!

Yesterday my sister phoned to check if I'm alive and well, because I disappeared off the internet... yes I am! I am very happy. The house is awesome. I just found a lovely housemate, and I wake up happy every day. Can't believe how great this place is, in fact. And I am well - I just don't have the internet yet. Right now I am stealing my own WiFi which is still in my old flat and can't be moved before next week (meh).
There are loads of things I'd love to show and tell you - more comic pages and a dummy of the first chapter which looks so much more exciting and real than I imagined, and an upcoming exhibition of monkey paintings, and a book launch, and general wonderfulness. I'm not sure why everything is suddenly going so surprisingly well here!
But right now I am sitting in a little cafe with all my files somewhere else entirely, and I must drink up my tea and go home and make some curtains.
Back soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glueing cats on books and crowns on cats...

While I was moving furniture and painting shelves, a deadline crept up and so I had to make an artwork at my all-new dinner table today, using the window as a light-box... this is for a library poster.
And in fact all this may NOT be glued together now, but it'll be scanned in separate bits and photoshopped back together (hence for example Andre's paws still being behind the book and Tiny not being properly tucked between the pages - it'll be digitally wrapped around...) strange, really. When it's all scanned I'll glue it into a real artwork and sell it, because it came out rather nice I think.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Evening post

Good evening!
I just feel like blogging because it's raining outside, and in a minute I'll have to go out there and leave the internet behind.
All I am thinking about is house things... I devised a way that will hopefully allow me to make curtains for the attic windows in the bedrooms using some basic IKEA curtain rails and leftover dressmaking fabric. I've been moving the plans around in my head all day and checking them from all angles, complicating and simplifying, and now I think I've got it worked out. I bought all the parts I need today, and got into an IKEA rage because they were sold out of half the stuff I came there for (especially the nice orange bird fabric) and so I bought a ceramic knife sharpener to cheer myself up. Now I have very sharp knifes. I really must make a leather sheath for the smaller one, I don't like it knocking about in the cutlery drawer... I worry about sharp objects, reason being that I sometimes faint when I cut myself at all, even tiny cuts, which is quite annoying. It's not that I can't stand the sight of blood - it just makes me go and call an ambulance if needed. But the slightest injury to myself and I go white and keel over, whether I am upset or hurt or not. Normally I have time to say "Oh bother, sorry everyone", which doesn't really help.
Anyway, time to go home and curl up and dream of white curtains...

How Civilised

Gee. Now I have a TV (Freecycle, yay!) and a table with a fruit bowl on it. And tomorrow I'll paint the rest of the big shelf green - I went to my favourite paint shop and bought a tester of lovely lime green, and it looks just right. And right now I'm off to IKEA again to but curtain rails and fabric...
I'm also getting more mis-matched chairs when I find them, and I shall be painting or upholstering them red. That there brown chair will get a red seat soon, and I've spotted a lonely Edwardian chair at an antique shop which I shall haggle for. If you have any spare wooden chairs, I'd be happy to take them, I still need two more!

Argh, I love this house! It already feels so peaceful and happy...
They also just made my street a cul de sac, cutting off traffic from the main road, so it's super-quiet now despite being just around the corner from the main street... such joy.

I am still interviewing potential housemates, so keep spreading the word and listen out for nice people looking for a place to live in South London. Here's an ad to send them to.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving! Moving! Moved!

So I got the keys to my lovely new house, and this is the first book I put on the huge shelf. I bought it the day before in a little bookshop near Hampstead Heath, and read it in bed and I loved it rather a lot. Very much recommended.
Anyway though, I am not writing a review (maybe I will later) because I'm tired, tired... so I'll just show you some pictures of the house, because I'm so pleased (and in case you want to move in - the room is still going).

I love my staircase. No idea why.
And here's a glimpse into my very kitchen. And some of the shelf, still needs painting some good colour. Tomorrow I'll go to the posh paint shop and have a serious talk with them about it. And I'll pick up some old wooden chairs, and paint them, too.
More soon, now I just want a cup of tea and a movie.