Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Living in London, and some sheep

This is quite a busy week.
I'm working on the comic every afternoon, and the mornings are packed with appointments - viewing flats, sitting at estate agents explaining how I'm going to pay my rent as a freelance artist, meeting with people who would like to have me run sock monkey workshops... today I arranged to house-sit a nearby place for a couple of weeks. I hope that was a good idea. I got a little bit depressed when I was being shown around the place - it's such a big old family home, with welcoming rooms for several generations of family members. I felt the old envy again for people who were born and raised comfortably here, and who don't have to fight the city and feed it all their money just so they don't have to live in a basement bedsit under a betting agency and watch other people's feet going past all day. Or if they do, at least they can visit their family for the weekend. And they probably have loads of old friends who would set up a house-share with them. - Ah well. - I am sure I'll find a nice place to live soon, and I am also sure that I'll have to work like stink to afford it, and I am happy that I love my work. Just every so often I get rather tired, and wonder what it would be like to move back to Germany so I can have my sisters round for coffee on a whim, or have my dad help me with fixing up the kitchen, all that stuff. Then I remember that I have a job here making children's books, and how hard I've worked to get to where I am, and I'm proud. If a bit tired.

Today I drew a second page of comic, in a slightly different style - I wonder how many pages I'll draw until I got it worked out. I also did some colouring, here's a cropped panel.
I still think pencil on oiled paper is the way to go, even though it's impossible to erase anything. It's hard to get the contrast right, maybe I need to use more different grades of pencil.


Celia Hart said...

Does this mean you'll redraw the early pages when you settle into the style you're searching for?

BTW like how you are using the colour.

All the best

Tor Freeman said...

Hi Viviane,

I met you briefly at the Walker party. I like the way you are colouring the comic - what effect does oiled paper have on the pencil?

London is a really hard city - I've lived here pretty much always, and still sometimes struggle with it. I hope you find the place you're looking for soon.

Best wishes, Tor

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes, I'll redraw it all until it's right - I figured in a bit of time for that. I think it's best to find the style while drawing the actual panels, somehow.

Oiled paper is just very satisfying to draw on, it's hard to explain, try it out and you'll see!

Yep London is a tough beast. I just put a holding fee down on a property and I am feeling pretty ill, hope I've done the right thing.

alexia said...

I love these sheep and esp the colours. x