Friday, July 16, 2010

First Panels

I started drawing the graphic novel for real today.

That is, I prepared some paper, traced some boxes and started pencilling them in, without quite knowing how to do it best - consequently, it mostly looks bad. But I am planning to keep going for a couple of pages until I work it out, and then redo the bad ones. That's the kind of thing you have to do if you spend more time writing and planning than actually drawing! I always need a few days of warm-up before I work out the way to draw a new book, and during that time I produce some weird things...
Here are the roughs:
And here some actual drawings. Sorry, I used my mobile phone camera again, I should really keep a better one by my desk. The first panel is just right, the second one is awful, the third one you can't see but it's no good, the fourth one might be okay, although quite obviously the part of my brain that deals with anatomy hasn't finished booting up yet. Check out the weird arm on that girl. Sheesh.
No worries, it always starts like that. Am expecting to have got the hang of it by end of next week.

Otherwise: I'm still looking for a place to live, am now looking in East Dulwich and Camberwell as well as Peckham. I saw a nice place in Nunhead this morning, with double bedrooms that actually fitted more than a double bed, transparent windows above ground (if you don't know to appreciate transparent windows above ground you haven't been flat-hunting in London), but again it was too far away from anything lively. I need to live close to a main street with cafes and pubs and bookshops and all that. Especially cafes. One good cafe would be enough actually. But I just can't hack quiet residential areas (except for the very outer edges thereof), they give me the fear.
If anyone has a nice room to let, or a cheap two bedroom flat that I could share with a lodger, or thinks they'd like to live with me and want to go flat-hunting in the same area, please do get in touch.

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