Monday, July 19, 2010

First Page Drawn and Scanned

Hepp! Today I drew the first actual inside page of the graphic novel. Here it is.
Well, it's a photocopy. The actual artwork is a bit too fragile to carry around on the bus, so I left it at the publisher's.
Quite obviously I am not in a high gear, drawing-wise. It's clumsy stuff, but I'll just keep drawing until I've worked it out. I'm having trouble deciding how much to shade, how to draw outlines, how to render different materials... I'm just doing it as it seems right and hoping that it'll settle into something right.

I'll try and colour it up tonight, that'll help me decide on questions of detail and shading. Won't bother dropping in the speech bubbles yet. I handed in a few lettered alphabets last week, so there should be a font soon. That'll be the first book I don't ahve to hand-letter! Yayyy!

I really enjoy drawing these friendly sheep.

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Fr√łydis said...

I think it looks beautiful.