Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beans, and wishing for a new friend to live with

My balcony garden gave me some beans today... okay, I should have left them on for a bit longer really, but they smell so nice. And it's always sad when they get stringy - I wanted to make sure the first lot is tender. There will be more.
I love my balcony garden, and I'm sad I'll have to leave it when I move... I want to move somewhere with space for plants again. And a bright kitchen with a table to sit at. That's my idea of comfort.

Flat-hunting has been interesting, but I haven't seen anywhere just right yet. I know there are places in London that would feel instantly like home - some of my friends' places do!
Tomorrow I'll look at a house with a spare room that I could sub-let. I wish I knew a creative person, maybe a designer or another illustrator, who would want to move in with me, then we could put shelves and desks into the lounge and have a shared studio right between the garden and the kitchen... that would be my ideal home!

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