Friday, October 16, 2009

Rodent linguistics, and very good cake

I got cross with the world (more particularly I got cross with dense people writing sickening homophobic articles in newspapers I don't read, and about the lack of jobs for friends of mine who need them, two unconnected cross-nesses creating a badly buzzing headache) and took myself out for a coffee and cake. look, I felt I had to show off this cake. It's Very Good Carrot Cake.
perfect carrot cake
As you can almost see, instead of writing the fairly straight-forward adventure scene I meant to be writing I was amusing myself with translating bits of dialogue into a rodent language I made up some years ago. Skitakatkabochskimeh = Don't worry about the stranger. Bele. Skoeetsateyteyla-ee. = Wait and see, what will happen will happen.
I admit I'm not completely sure I got it right, it's quite a difficult language to get your head around since it has no tenses, instead it expresses everything as existing in different versions of reality - "I want some cheese" is the same as "Cheese belongs to me in urgent dreams", and "Don't take my cheese" is the same as "You own my cheese in my nightmare". It seems that to a mouse everything that isn't now is some sort of a dream. They also have no words for good and bad, but an amazing array of subtle shades of like and dislike. So "I accept this out of decency, but I don't like it really" is easy to say: Chnii. But some other things are bloody hard to express, especially causality. In fact I have completely forgotten how to say "because" in mouse-ese. And out of sheer mouse-mindedness the whole sentence always runs object-to-subject. I really wish I had not made that rule up, I just thought it would suit the mind of a very small animal who worries more about what is done to it than what it is doing. - And their names are Really Long, so they tend to just call one another Szkoo. They have some nice poetry, but it really doesn't translate.


I don't think this chapter is happening today.

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Rhealicious said...

using dreams instead of tenses is an amazing idea!!! warum ist mir sowas nicht eingefallen? i do not draw enough hamesters, i guess...