Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Return of the Tea

mug of teeeeeea
That's the most important news. Cheers.

Otherwise... I had a lovely meeting yesterday looking through my various projects with my main publisher, and you know what, the projects are looking good. The sequel to "There are Cats in this Book" is colourful and pretty, I took home a printer's dummy to have a last think about all the words (there aren't very many words in there, so they better be all the right ones).
We looked through the book that Alexis wrote and I illustrated, and even after months the stupid cute little characters are so distracting to look at that they interrupt meetings because anyone may in the middle of a serious discussion of layouts suddenly realise how stupid they are and start laughing. That includes myself. I can't quite believe I drew them.
Then we had a think about other projects... it's all going rather well, I'd say. I'm glad. There's much for me to do, and all of it enjoyable.

Today, however, I am cleaning the flat. Scrubbing floors and everything. Except I just ran out of steam, and all I'm doing is drinking lovely cups of tea while watching Stephen Fry being amazed by animals on the BBC, and animals seemingly being amazed at Stephen Fry. It suddenly reminded me of this vivid dream I had years ago where somehow a small booth with Stephen Fry's head in it was installed on all street corners for the benefit of the public, and I wondered how they managed to get so many of his heads... anyway, I thought: hey wow, it's come true! Stephen Fry on demand!! Amazing. I feel I predicted Twitter.

No, I haven't filled in my tax returns form yet.

Yes, that's a photo mug. No, you probably can't make out what's on it: it's a pig head, a knitted bunny, a basket full of sock monkeys, three canary eggs, a melted gingerbread man and a chalk drawing of a cat.


Phoebe said...


We just discovered TACITB here a few weeks ago and it's quite literally changed our lives. My son Bede is autistic and doesn't converse, but he ADORES your book. He is hyperlexic and has been reading since he was 2 years old, but this is the first time he has ever read a book and been so visibly excited by the plot and characters. He has re-created it many times and in different forms - sometimes Andre, Tiny and Moonpie are LEGO, sometimes crayons, sometimes he draws them on the computer, and sometimes he draws them on paper.

The book, which all of my children love, has given everyone a common interest. Bede will trade lines from the book, and use it in other situations. He's opened up in a way I have never before seen, and it has brought me to tears a few times.

It's amazing, you're amazing, and THANK YOU so much for writing it. And now another one! When, when? I must have it!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you, reading your comment made my day. I'm so glad to hear that the cats are bringing joy to your family!

I taught myself to read very early, too (not that early though) and was disappointed that picture books are so very short.
So I tried to make a book that is like a friend who you can play with over and over instead of reading it only once - and I'm so happy to hear that it worked!!

The sequel is due to go out to print about now, but it always takes a year after that until it goes on sale, so it's still a wait I'm afraid... maybe you can make your own sequel together in the meantime, I'm sure the cats would like to go and visit into any other book you have around, especially if it is a recipe book.

I might put some cats to print and cut out on my site some time soon for the purpose...

Wishing for Bede to come across loads of good books and cats and other things soon!