Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oil Tanks

I love my Tate membership. I love walking into exhibitions for free, not knowing what to expect and not feeling like I have to get value for my ticket (sometimes it's very nice to just walk straight back out of an exhibition). I love sitting in the members room and thinking and drinking rose bud tea. I go there by myself to feel completely happy and inspired... but I will upgrade my membership so next year I can take a friend, just in case something like the Oil Tanks Tour happens again.

I was allowed to explore that sprawling lovely dark industrial space with a group of other curious Tate members, and I can't wait to see it opened to the public for performances and exhibitions. It's brilliant. They are planning to keep the industrial feel of it, and I really hope that means they'll keep all the different levels - when I walked around there I kept suddenly noticing walkways and doors and stairs high above or beneath. It felt like it might stretch for miles even though we I strolled around for fifteen minutes or so.


Everyone took pictures with their mobiles, most of them probably look like this.

I enjoyed wearing a hard hat, and I enjoyed that they were projecting bits of "Rosemary's Baby" and "Planet of the Apes". I felt like saying "Thank you for having me, Tate, I had a Lovely Time," and like maybe I'd be given a cup cake on the way out. Instead I went to the cafe, which was good enough.
I'm happy now.

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Viviane Schwarz said...

Just took down the picture that had a blurry bit of art in it, since I actually didn't ask whether I was allowed to take a picture... I just did when I saw that everyone else did. The art being a cropped frame from Planet of the Apes, hence I didn't feel all that infringy at the time. It was a Baldessari iece thougha nd I loved his exhibition so much that I want to be extra polite. Apes are down. Blurry darkness is up. You can just about make out an Interesting Door Really High Up which is actually more interesting than the cropped apes were anyway.