Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Some Tuesday

Today, I shall be colouring in many hamsters. I decided to try and check over all the characters in the whole hamster book, and make them hamster-yellow while I'm doing that.
Then it'll be easier to think about the background colouring.

Otherwise... I'm taking two big bags of clothes to the charity shop at last, I'm implementing a new Zero Tolerance policy for clothes I don't really like very much - I'll only have clothes I love, and none of that "This t-shirt is still good to sleep in" or "maybe I'll be wanting to go to a costume party in this" talk. My clothes cupboard already looks so much better... I might throw out a load of old books next. Yay.


Fr√łydis said...

Yay! We're doing the same thing soon, only we threw all our old clothes together so we've got five huge bags!

ren said...

do you find it hard to throw out books? or even to give them away? some people really invest sentimental value into books and clothes and i am trying to learn to be more...discerning but sometimes find it hard. especially when it comes to children's and y.a. books. and old t-shirts. and...well...yeah, i guess it's harder than i thought.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hmm, I think I don't get attached to most things I love, I'm happy to think they exist elsewhere.

I think lovely books like to live at the library, I don't even mind the ugly foil wraps and labels they put on them there because it means something good.

I do hate to throw out ragged clothes I love because I know no one else will like them, so I keep them and patch them up. I more often throw out things I've bought as replacements for something that I wore out and then discovered I don't like as much.