Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm thinking about talking animals

Flatmate gave me a toy sheep and a toy bear for my animal collection. I'm carrying them in my pocket and thinking about the comic I'll be drawing soon, featuring sheep and a bear...
Here's the sheep.

Got sheep on my mind

I spent half the night thinking about a workshop I'll be leading in Cornwall... I thought about things I have to teach, and remembered that one of the main things is something I've been neglecting myself in the past months. If you can't make something you want to write or draw exist in your head, make it exist some other way first... play with toys. Go for a walk and pretend something. Draw a map.
I got so excited about remembering this that I had to take a sleeping pill after midnight, otherwise I'd still be in bed making plans about what to build next.

So now I am drawing a map of the sewers that my characters need to go down in the chapter that I've been trying to write for days... it's a very scrawly map like a child would make, with a lot of arrows and scribbles that mean DARKNESS or WHAT IS THIS??? IT'S WET!!! and WEIRD NOISE.
I think it's working.


Jess said...

Sounds exciting! Sometimes when I go to bed thinking of ideas I end up with amazing dreams. I say only 'sometimes' ...wow! imagine if I could do that every night?!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ha, that is nice when that happens, I used to have that when I was small, dreams about ideas. Mm.
I have almost exclusively stupid nightmares of varying degrees of scariness, but I'm awake thinking up adventures a lot.

ren said...

thank you. that's good advice that i needed to hear. it's nice when you kind of randomly end up on a blog that has good advice, isn't it? thanks!

Viviane Schwarz said...

I'm glad! You're welcome. I hope that means you're making something! :)