Friday, October 16, 2009

The Darkness (at the Tate Modern)

I went to the Tate Modern to see the Darkness.
Inside, people crowded against the invisible back wall. A woman turned to me and asked: "Is this all there is to it?"
I said: "I think it's a bit more than there should be, actually."
She laughed and I felt rude, because I had been meaning the light, not the art, really.
"I thought we'd go up some stairs," she said. "Or something."
"Ah well", I said. "But hey! Look!"

Jedi Youngling in the Darkness 2

One of the silhouettes that walked in the entrance like alien visitors waved a stick of light. A Jedi youngling!
I watched as he ran around and around the Darkness.

Jedi Youngling in the Darkness 2

"I think this is really good!" I said, but she had disappeared.

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