Thursday, May 31, 2007

Almost finished...

Hah! There's not all that much work left on the cat book. And then it'll still take an awfully long time until it's printed and out... it's always strange, that, finishing a book and only after more than a year it turns up in the shops at last. I'm planning to get a whole lot of projects going in the meantime, if I get the time I might write some short stories and draw things especially for the website, just to have some more stuff out there.
I had some spare time after today's meeting, waiting for some print-outs to come through, and I chatted about the ghost story I'm writing. Made me realise that it's actually slightly more frightening that I expected... Well, I hope it ends the right way. If it ends dreadfully I'll put it in a drawer and start the next thing, if it ends well I'll send it out to the world.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Mice

Oh ye mild-mannered people, recoil... I spent another night hunting and killing mice. My hoover has finally conked out a few days ago and they are feasting on bird-seed already. Now I'm fortifying myself with coffee to go out and look for a new hoover. One with a long cable. Mm. Exciting.

I'm reading "Of Mice and Men" alongside a horror book from the pound shop and the second volume in Garth Nix' latest series. It's sort of an odd mix, but it works.
My own ghost story is still growing, I guess I finished the first third now. I find reading lots of different books helps with writing, it lowers the threshold - I don't have to sit down and try and get my brain into the right mode, instead I just imagine the book was already there and then throw the reverse switch and write it instead of reading it.

I do think I want to write a fantasy epic one day. I sometimes make plans, but the only thing I'm completely sure about is that I definitely won't have elves. Not a one.

Here's a pink beastie.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Author Photograph

Man, I don't half despise choosing author photographs... should feel glamorous but in the end it's looking like a Nitwit every time. This time I'll raid the archives instead of putting myself through the old picture-taking routine again...

This is my current favourite.

Might as well go for it, I say.

Apologies for all these ancient images popping up, once I'm through sorting the digital picture morgue I'll get on with new work!

Flying Fish

Coming Soon...

Hooray! I am getting an all-singing all-dancing flash website! At some point anyway, it's not a rush. I'm going through all my files to collect bits and bobs, and then I'll scan some more bobs and bits and then I'll paint what's missing...
There's so many images on this computer, I've had it since college and there's layers upon layers of research and roughs and scans and picturespicturespictures on here...
Here's one I'm not using.

First Picture

OK. To get off to a good start, here's a bit from my latest picture book. It's rubbed around the edges a bit hastily, and not scanned right, I probably posted it before, but there you go. Cat in a box!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Most Boring Day Ever

Oooh man. It's a grey afternoon and I've been spending most of the day cleaning up my digitals after getting a warning that someone probably hacked into my site and made it unsafe (safe now, phew).
I deleted my website, built a new blog, ran a virus scan, a spyware scan, another spyware scan, and now I am changing all my passwords. I hate passwords. I can never remember them. I'd just sort-of got them down, and now I'm supposed to make up a whole new bunch.
Arffffh, what a day!!!

At least - before I checked my mail and got the warning - I did get some more writing done. The novel I've been writing every morning for a week and a day now is maybe a quarter done...

After The Flood...


Well... My good old blog got shot to hell by a virus. Run a check everyone...
I deleted the lot and now I'm starting a-fresh and with huge loads of space on my web-server, freed from three and a half years worth of pictures and ramblings.
I'll make it look nice again, too, and maybe now I'll get around to making a whole new online portfolio at last...