Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PICTURE BOOK MAKERS BLOG - There are Cats in these books.

I did a rather big guest blog over at Picture Book Makers about my series of interactive books featuring cats.

I’ve been working as a picture book writer and artist for about fifteen years now – that is, as a published one. I’ve been making books all my life, pretty much. Before I could write, I drew and dictated them. My mother pierced bundles of my stories with a cast iron hole punch, and she said: “Behold the strength of your mother’s arms.” My father gave me binders to keep them in and said: “What are you going to make next?”
A page from Viviane Schwarz's diary
A page from my diary.
I was surrounded by books about everything that anyone in the family had ever wanted to know. Our walls were lined with bookshelves. My parents took me to the library weekly to take out as many as we could carry. It was awesome. I taught myself to read very early, because I had the notion that I could find anything I would ever need in books.
I was sure that I needed a cat.
Read the rest at Picture Book Makers.

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