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From award-winning picture book makers Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz comes an enlightening new story about courage and making a difference. For budding philosophers of all ages, this is the uplifting story of Henry Finch the loveable little bird who strives for greatness, gets it all a bit wrong, then makes it right again in a very surprising way – truly becoming great. Henry Finch is a total inspiration. This is an inspirational book. It is also very funny. I Am Henry Finch is a book for everyone – from the very young to the very old. It is for dreamers, philosophers, artists, the foolish and the enlightened. And anyone with a big bright idea. Vegetarians will love it too. A profound picture book experience told with simplicity and style.

I am very excited about this. "I am Henry Finch" was written by Alexis Deacon and illustrated by me. It's our third collaboration, and seriously, we've got this down now. I am so proud of this book - Alexis has been my best friend for many years now, and he still surprises me with his ideas.

Alexis at work

He wrote this strange philosophical book. I could see it in my head instantly, and couldn't stop laughing. I had to draw one of the pictures to explain why it was so funny, and shortly after everyone at the publisher's was laughing, too, and we were off.

I decided right away that all the finches would be made out of fingerprints, and to avoid giving the world a complete set of mine I collected them off friends all through the project.

There's also a Great Beast in this book which is painted in watercolour. Alexis and I designed it by painting a load of blobs and interviewing them for the part.

Some hopefuls

The winner

I had an absolutely brilliant time drawing this book. 

Wibbly bits.

I'd just moved into a new work space with space to spread out and experiment, and I'd found the perfect fountain pen that I've been carrying every day since.

Every Finch in this book is carefully calibrated for maximum finchiness.

I loved the book so much that I have been using Henry as my Twitter avatar since, and, well, I had him tattooed on my arm.

Photo by Sarah McIntyre

I AM HERNY FINCH out in a whole load of countries. It's out! It really is!

So buy one already. Or two.
Try your local bookshop - though it's on Amazon as well, yes.

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