Friday, December 20, 2013

Anxiety - Q&A

Questions have started coming in about the Anxiety comic, and I don't really feel like dealing with the same stuff several times over, so here are my answers.

Q: Is this autobiographical? You poor thing!
A: It is. Incidentally, I am a sturdy, reasonably happy person and I live life exactly as I want to. Everyone has troubles at times.

Q: Um, will you write anything about, you know - will I be in this?
A: You might appear in this as a friendly animal. If you upset me, it will not feature because this isn't about settling scores or purging sadness, it's about kicking anxiety in the snout - anxiety, and nobody else.

Q: I have some advice how to beat your anxiety for good...
A: I've got this, thanks. - Also... the attitude of anxiety being something that must be cured, eradicated, beaten "for good" is incredibly hurtful to the people experiencing it. It makes us feel like our life is on hold, like we fail every time we get anxious, and frankly - like you don't respect us very much. - If you want to help, maybe actually learn something about anxiety, what it feels like and how to manage it.
What have you been reading anyway? Was it a self help book for executive managers by any chance? Do I look like an executive manager? Do you think I want to be one?
Ok, you can go now. We're cool.

Q: I don't get it, what is this about?
A: Hey, congratulations, you probably don't have anxiety disorder! You probably got something else you would like support for. Keep reading comics. It's all in there.

Q: Hang on, you still get anxiety attacks? I thought you were better?
A: I'm good. I have anxiety attacks sometimes, I get sad sometimes. Do you mind? I hope you don't.

Q: Is this a call for help?
A: If I ever call you for help, you will know it by the way I am calling you saying "help".

Q:So why are you actually drawing this?
A: Because I wish I'd known all this years ago. And because it makes me happy drawing it.

Q: Why are you drawing such sad things?
A: If you think this is sad, you are projecting.


kathleen said...

it's good to see something so personal and sincere. that's pretty rare and probably quite disconcerting to some, but really appreciated by others. it's great. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this subject approached in such a positive and accessible way. To have something that's entertaining, informative AND therapeutic as well as being cuuuuuuuuuute and, in places, smile-inducing is quite a feat, cleverclogs. More, please.