Monday, December 23, 2013

Anxiety 5: Irrational Fears

Here's something to help you understand the completely irrational fears that anxious people develop now and then. - Panic attacks can hit at any time, for many reasons that are sometimes hard to spot.
A panic attack feels like intense fear of actual death, and it's a natural reaction to mentally connect whatever situation you are in at the time of the attack with the fear from then on... even if that thing has nothing at all to do with the actual cause of the panic.
I managed to acquire an absolute horror of small pieces of paper, sellotape and the dancing penguins in the Mary Poppins movie and profiterioles that way. I got over those. Except for profiteroles. They freak me right out.

It takes effort and time to unpick these fears, and it's not a good idea to just force someone to face them. Be gentle with this stuff. It can be solved, but not by other people. It's easy to make it worse by mistake.


Vicky said...

These Comics are fantastic, I have shared them with people I know who have anxiety or other disorders, they have got out of reading these. I too have found them helpful, both for my own strange brain, but when i'm tutoring & working with others- these are giving good examples and starting points to explore emotions, feelings, experiences. Finding ways to articulate very normal human problems which are often taboo's can really help people. It takes the power out of the bad things, by seeing them as drawn monsters. I find it very empowering & inspiring to read these. It must be difficult letting the subject out, But it is a really good thing you are doing. X

Viviane Schwarz said...

I'm glad ^_^ and it's easy. I really don't mind all this stuff any more. It's irritating, but it doesn't make me sad. Seeing people suffer with it, struggling and being misunderstood makes me sad.