Monday, November 25, 2013

Thought Bubble.

THOUGHT BUBBLE WAS AMAZING. I can't quite believe what a tornado of niceness it was. It's all a blur of drawing, laughing, dancing, people going "VIV!!! OVER HERE!!!" and an all-through fuzzy feeling of love for comics and the awesome people who make them.

So here are a few pictures that happened:

Some of the wonderful things I bought and swapped. The books I set out to get were "Carry Me" by Dan Berry and "Kochi Wanaba" by Jamie Smart, and I got them, and MANY MORE. Still am reading.

 My mini-comic which I made for the occasion and sold/swapped. I lazily nabbed this photo from Sarah's Festival Report which is of course a lot more detailed than mine. I'll make some more copies to shift at events. If you are really keen to get a copy, email me and I can post one for a fiver when I've made some more (soon).

I shared a hotel room with Sarah McIntyre, and we hid away for the first evening to draw silly comics. Here is an improvised tale about THE NORTH, from the perspective of a German and an American, so v. accurate.

 There was much more fun... awards, friends old and new, and DANCING. Here is the dancing:
Crikey. I shall do my best to get a table at Thought Bubble next year. COMICS ARE AWESOME.
Lots of love to all involved ^_^ and some extra to the world because, dunno, I am happy.

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