Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tiny Pencil

Have you seen Tiny Pencil Magazine yet? IT IS BRILLIANT.
The latest issue is aimed at children, and it comes in a box... with some really nice pencils and other treats.
But the main feature, of course, is what has been drawn... all drawn in pencil, and beautifully printed and bound into three themed booklets about MAMMALS, MARTIANS and MONSTERS. It's an amazing publication, so much love and care has evidently gone into it... I am very impressed, and proud to have helped a tiny bit by drawing a couple of things.

This is exactly the kind of magazine I would have LOVED as a child... and actually, I still do love this.

My friend Fr√łydis Sollid Simonsen has a beautiful comic in the Mammals section. It made me cry a bit.
I think the mammal booklet is my favourite one.

There are many puzzles and activities, lovingly drawn... this one by Briony Clohe.

Here's a little bit of mine. I made instructions for a game in the Martian booklet.

There's even papercraft! Some monsters by Kristyna Baczynshi.

Buy the magazine. Have all the fun. It is PACKED with wonders.
You can also follow them on Twitter for more pencil goodness.
And, if you like, read an interview they did with me some time ago.

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