Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Helsinki Comics Festival...

Hey! I am back from Helsinki. The Comics Festival was wonderful. I laughed so much that my voice is still hoarse. - I feel a bit sorry for all the people who had to put up with my hyper-excited festival persona, I get very loud and silly when surrounded by so much niceness.
I drank a lot of coffee, and Finnish beer, and ate reindeer and not much else.

drawing by Frøydis!
My great friend Frøydis was also there, by pure coincidence she had the table next to ours, and we danced a lot and tried to speak Finnish and had pancakes for every breakfast.
I made a dress from the festival T-shirt, using a sewing kit that a lovely Russian artist lent me. And when we were too tired to dance, we covered the tablecloth in a bar in drawings.

T some point I dragged people away to the Zoological Museum and we saw the best taxidermy exhibits I've seen in my life. We had to run through because it was just before closing time...

And oh, the books! And the zines! Frøydis brought me a copy of her new book. It is beautiful. I'll have to somehow translate it all slowly from Norwegian...

And I bought "Kummituslapsi" by Terhi Ekebom, a book about a ghost child, it made me cry (in a good way).

from "Kummituslapsi", Terhi Ekebom
My hair went very odd from the hotel shampoo, or maybe the sauna or lack of sleep or all of that, but that kind of suited the robot workshop I was running.

And we did make robots!

Photo taken by the official festival photographer, see here 

 On the plane I blindfolded myself with a moomin scarf to get some sleep. Someone's vodka bottles broke in the overhead locker which led to a spectacular diagonal rainfall, but else all went well.

And now I am back, still in bed, I will do some work today in my book-castle where all is quiet and peaceful.


Alexis Deacon said...

Awesome robots! Epic taxidermy! ... who got to keep the tablecloth?

Viviane Schwarz said...

I have no idea! Whoever left last, is my guess!

Alexis Deacon said...

Taxidermy is a strange thing. It's strange in lots of ways but one of them is that poor taxidermy, indifferent taxidermy and great taxidermy all have their own charm... I saw mighty impressive displays in Chicago and Edinburgh but the fat walrus down the road takes some beating.

Frøydis said...

Thanks for the festival and the happiness and being silly, it was so great! (I heard that some of the Canadians tried to take the tablecloth, but the bar wanted to keep it. So I guess they still have it:) )