Thursday, July 25, 2013

Robot Interview

I'm in Leeds to run a robot workshop, and I gave a crowdsourced interview for the occassion.

Do Robots have a gender? (From @Imran)
We may decide that they do, but unless we do that, or unless they get clever enough to decide for themselves, they don’t.
If we or they themselves decide that they have a gender, it might not be male or female, but any number of genders, including some that do not exist yet. Maybe there will be five different kinds of thinking robots that all work together to reproduce, and they will refer to themselves as having five different genders, possible none of them male or female. Or maybe they will decide that gender in robots isn’t anything to do with making new robots. Or maybe they won’t bother at all.
Click through for the rest. (I should have said "self aware" instead of "clever" there. Sorry.)

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