Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm setting up home. It's going mostly well. The wardrobe is a bit warlike, it's attacked me a few times, but I think I have the right nuts and bolts to fix it together properly now.

Portrait of me working on my new home (bu Mehedi Haque)

My fish mobile.

Finally: a place for my favourite fascinator!

A magpie I just bought from the local junk shop to watch over my dresser.

I made a crochet mouse for the cats.

I got a new ceiling lamp, at last one that isn't a paper ball. T-Rex approves.

Picture hooks! I need some different ones for the brick wall...

...because all of these need hanging.

Actually this one is up: Wolverine doing his hair. I commissioned that from Dan Berry, it cheers me up about my own hairdo.

McGyvered Steampunk iPad stand for watching things in bed. It's linked up to a pillow speaker so I can listen quietly.

I think an IKEA trip is in order next... I need bed curtains and a step to reach the microwave and... all sorts of stuff.

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Mehedi Haque said...

wah! Good to see my caricature :D. How is going? by the way, how can I buy your book- that you showed us?