Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interview with Sally Brammall

Sally Brammall, who is a journalist for the Big Issue, interviewed me on her blog ALTERNATIVE ROOTS about story writing, nightmares and such. I really enjoyed this interview, I think it came out well.
The first question I ask myself when thinking about what book to make next is: when I was a child, what book did I want? And there is quite a list of them. I had a lot of questions, problems, interests, and was always hoping to find books to help me with those.
I was a very small child, quite clever, with a lot of nightmares. I loved making things, and my favourite toys were kites, my electronics kit, a big box of lego, art materials.I wanted to learn about the world and make things happen. I wanted to create robots and animals, build theatres, make puppets and perform my own plays, I wanted to be a detective, inventor, scientist, make books, cook, make clothes, build a car. I argued and questioned and made a mess.
My parents handled it all well, and I remember a lot of the things they taught me – rules about using tools and other dangerous things, but also how to deal with nightmares and fears. They were very supportive.
So now I am making books that I would have liked then, using the things I learned, and I am making an effort to keep learning and to understand what other children need, and how to encourage them.
That’s always the start: let’s make a book about bullying that might actually help to make things better. Let’s make a book for parents and children to help them set up a workspace where they can experiment, build and invent things. Let’s make a cat-simulator for children who can’t have cats. The design follows the purpose, so that it becomes like a house that will invite the right characters… and then I invent those, and their story.

-Read the rest at: http://alternativeroots.net/?p=316

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