Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Childhood Memory: editing

I am tidying up my workroom, preparing to move house... this is a little diary cartoon I found in a box.
It's a childhood memory of the kind of thing my mum had to deal with. I re-edited all my magazines, made novels end mid-way through where I thought it improved them, I changed sexist and racist scenes (probably not knowing these words yet but generally being bothered) crossed out badly written sentences, added illustrations and maps and swapped genders and characters around.
I'm not recommending that children should necessarily allowed to do this, It's just a memory... and it did really set me on a path early on. I'm sure I spoiled a load of perfectly good books with the zeal of a morally outraged child... but I never shredded beautiful, rare books or books beloved by others... I hope. Mostly magazines and paperbacks from bargain bins.

Now that there are more and more digital works about, we can edit them without breaking the originals! HOORAY! Back then, I just pulped the parts I hated and turned them into papier mache dogs.

The cartoon that's just about showing through the back is another memory which I posted here.


Viviane Schwarz said...

One book I remember pulping entirely was a bargain bin paperback of "The Great Dinosaur Robbery".

mrkite said...

Funny, in the peculiar way, because I was throwing away old, musty, outdated crappy books from the school library, and asked two students to rip the leaves out. Hard covers go in the garbage, leaves go in the recycling bin. One fellow kept a few, so he could make his own books by swapping the pages around, and changing the endings and such. He was so excited.