Thursday, May 9, 2013

Popzara review of Sleepwalkers, plus interview.

Popzara posted a wonderful review of The Sleepwalkers, plus a pretty long interview with me about it...
But more than anything, Schwarz treads confidently with a story that demonstrates a profound respect for readers, regardless of age, one that never underestimates or speaks down to them. Beautifully illustrated in both style and substance, The Sleepwalkers is not padded with shallow feel-good affirmations and over-populated with stock characters, which may frustrate those with a need to have everything spelled out for them (or their younglings). It rewards those who give in to its infectious sense of optimism in discovering one’s own place in the world. It would be a mistake, given the author’s previous work, to think this a story only for younger readers. This is a special book, written and drawn by a special person, intended for everyone.
Ah. I'm happy.


mrkite said...

That is the best kind of review ever. I would be blushing.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Whereas I just show off ^_^