Sunday, May 12, 2013


It's a weekend of adjustments.
First, I was given a big drawing board for my studio desk.

Then I walked around South London, making plans for moving there... I visited old friends and their kids, went to a playground and photographed some amazing toys. These space people are for hanging on to and spinning around fast. They are made by a German company, but I forgot both the name of the company and the playground...

I visited a new café and bought some great coffee beans, and returning home got finally fed up with the performance of my cheap burr grinder. I took it apart and adjusted it. (Keeping all the safety switches intact, dad!)

Then I made a very fine coffee.

The next thing I need to fix is my best dress... a moth got to it, and ate a hole into the exact middle.

My fault for forgetting to bag it up. It's a very delicate knit, so I can't really fix it invisibly... I think I'll embroider something on it in white. But for now it's stashed in the freezer to kill off any remaining beasties.

Time to get back to work now, I need to draw some dogs for a new possible project...

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