Sunday, April 21, 2013

House hunts and Comic fairs

Life is stressful, but excellent.
I finally get to move out of Tower Hamlets - I never liked it here. Now I just need to find a new place... I hope I can move back to Peckham, where I feel at home. In any case, I'm looking forward to a new happy home full of nice things where I can sit, drink tea and make up stories.

Yesterday I went to Comica Comiket to launch my graphic novel "The Sleepwalkers". I did some live drawing to music for an audience, and as always drew so fast that it was all done after half the time. Ah well. - Then I chatted with all the excellent comic artists and publishers - it was great.
I'm so glad that people like my comics, both "Welcome to your Awesome Robot" and "The Sleepwalkers". I saw photos and videos of whole families of cardboard robots, and I signed a good load of books. It made me happy.

Do forgive me if I will be obsessed with houses for a bit until I find one - London is just so amazingly expensive. It always seems impossible to find a place that's affordable, nice, has the right shape and isn't falling to bits... until one suddenly appears. It'll happen.
Do tell me of any bright two bedroom places that allow cats... I hear some people actually do own houses, if you are one of them, why not rent some of it to me? I'm nice and I make books!

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