Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Writing and haircuts

I'm back in Melbourne, for the last week of my Australia trip, and now I'm writing. I'm staying at a lovely place, a room above a natural health clinic in a narrow, tall town house near South Bank. There's a lovely terrace with a skyline view:

But it's too bright out there this time of day - a heatwave just passed, but it's still hot. Last night we went for a walk and it was 33C well after sunset.
That's my new dress hanging up to dry, by the way. I've been wearing it almost every day since I bought it.

Anyway, this is what my computer is seeing:
Me, writing.
As you can see, I cut half my hair off - it was such a relief! That irritating stuff just keeps growing unreasonably fast.
I only had child-sized craft scissors to hand, but it came out ok. I used to have proper haircutting scissors, but over the years I've got a bit less fussy, now I just cut off whatever gets in my face with whatever's at hand. Every so often I visit a hairdresser, but they almost always tell me that the haircut I want is "unflattering" and that I should grow my fringe out and sweep it aside and glue it in place with some goo or other. It would be sophisticated and only take a few minutes with a hairdryer. Anyone who has ever seen me wake up would understand that I could not possibly direct a noisy implement blowing hot air at my head first thing in the morning. That would be the opposite of sophisticated, it would be blunt, brutal and entirely lacking in subtlety. And why would I want to be landed with a cut that doesn't work without styling? It's about as daft as makeup that makes you look like you're not wearing any. That sort of thing can bug right off. If I style my hair I want it to be orange and at interesting angles, and if I paint my face it better look painted.

Anyway, back to writing!

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Swati said...

You made me smile with your makeup and haircut talk. I abhor having to 'take care' of your hair when there are so many more interesting things to do and see, even in a person, but haven't had the guts to cut my own hair :))