Sunday, March 17, 2013


I found a perfect café... Grace Café in Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
It's tiny, if you choose to sit on the slim terrace the waiters have to go right out on the street and serve you from there, across a low wall.
The flowers on the tables are made from rolled-up pages of old books, and when the tea arrived on jumbled crockery, the tray was a framed page from "Through The Looking Glass". We leaned it up on the windowsill:

My favourite page! The one with the sheep in the shop. The Sleepwalkers is in part based on that scene.

I ate a delicious crépe filled with quark and topped with berries, and saw other great food going past the table: sandwiches heaped with avocado, beautiful cakes... You should go there if you ever find yourself in Melbourne.

Then I went straight on to Tea Too and bought Buddha's Tears tea which should last me a long time, it only takes a couple of tiny rolled-up leaf pearls to make an amazing cup of jasmine-flavoured tea.

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