Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm back in my lovely London home!
It's tidier than ever because we'd sublet it and the excellent tenant neatened the place up before he left. It's beautiful. I mean, all the labels on things are facing outwards. Now I know we have four different kinds of chili sauce, which explains why there is never enough space on the condiment shelf. I will try to preserve the order as long as I can.
I felt so inspired that when I went shopping to stock up I knolled all the stuff on the conveyor belt. It was very satisfying.

And now I'm just concentrating on staying awake until evening to beat the jet lag.

I hope I don't have to go back out because it's cold and I can only find one hat which is an orange monkey hat, the rest is still packed up. The monkey hat really doesn't go well with my self-tinting glasses somehow. - At least when I was looking for hats I found that moths ate my respectable clothes. That was a great relief. I was only keeping them in case I ever have to go to a dinner party or to court, and that's not what one wants to be reminded of every morning when opening ones wardrobe. They were kind of lurking with strange ambition.

The post box was stuffed solid, nor surprising after a month's holiday. The largest thing was a copy of Varoom magazine which featured three full pages about "Welcome To Your Awesome Robot", including one with a big photo with Sam Arthur of NoBrow/Flying Eye (wait, that sounds like a freak shaving accident - you know what I mean though, the excellent small publishing company).

It's a pretty cool issue, actually, I'm looking forward to reading it (I mean the bits that aren't me, they are also cool but I already read them).

Oh crikey I need some sleep.


Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

Glad your return was safe! You should turn your feet into fists... like Bruce Willis does in Die Hard :)

Dave Shelton said...

"Lurking With Strange Ambition" - The Viviane Schwarz story.

Viviane Schwarz said...

My ambition is pretty straightforward. I just want tons of money. I do a fair bit of lurking admittedly.