Friday, January 4, 2013

Tim Spooner

My friend Tim makes beautiful art that is full of the wonders of science... somehow around him inanimate things come to life. Whole planets happen. Watch this:

Last night I went to the opening of an exhibition called "Beauty is Present" in  the beautifully dilapidated Hanmi Gallery in central London.
I saw a performance by Tim of his piece "24 grotesque manipulations", billed thus:
"A collection of altered objects with particular properties is demonstrated - an ensemble of flawed walking machines, nervous sculptures and cartoon protoplasms - in an attempt to reveal the inner lives of their atoms".
Tim is dressed in a whistling mechanical suit with motors, speakers, wires, switches, and cavities full of experimental substances and objects that he brings out and meticulously demonstrates.

Tim Spooner Demonstrates 24 Grotesque Manipulations
It's wonderful. You should see it if you can.

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