Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I just got my author's copy of our latest book!
It is a very strange book. Alexis wrote it years ago, and we had the text around for a while before we submitted it. It was edited very little - it was pretty much perfect as it was right away.
I drew the illustrations while listening to all the episodes of a "Game of Thrones" podcast, which helped a lot with the battle scenes.
The book stars a large number of rats and a piece of beautiful, glowing, velvety Jarlsberg (I spent some time in the cheese aisle at Sainsbury's choosing the perfect piece, I'm glad they didn't have me removed).
Get ready to buy your copy! You will need one, because else how will you know who cheese belongs to? It's more complicated than you might think, you know.

Edit: The podcast, by the way, was "Boars, Gore and Swords". I do NOT recommend it as a jolly thing for your children to listen to while reading my book, because that would be inappropriate. I do recommend it to listen to if you enjoyed "Game of Thrones" but felt like it didn't have enough mentions of Batman.

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