Friday, December 28, 2012

Warming Up

It's high time to paint the new cat book. I decided to paint all the characters first this time because they will have to be sent off to be drum-scanned. The rest of the book I can scan myself on my flatbed scanner at home, but the characters are painted on rough watercolour paper, and that doesn't scan right unless done on industrial grade equipment.

This is a photo of my first notes of the rules for painting the new character - a rather lively violet puppy. It is harder to paint than the cats because its body is more jointed, and it needs to be very cute, so its head is bigger and rounder than I'd normally paint it. More than half the time it goes very wrong. So I'll fill a few more sheets with dog exercises before I start on the actual artwork, otherwise I'll just use up all the good watercolour paper on lumpy puppies.
Puppy painting ongoing
The puppy is painted with two different brushes and my fingers, which is another complication. All the cat characters have their own brush and that's that, but brushwork looks too sophisticated for the puppy. It needs to be a bit smudgy and clumsy. So my fingers are going to be dyed violet for the next few weeks.

I'll go off to Australia for a month in late February, and I need to finish this book before that.
It should work out... I just need to get back into painting. Today I made some warm-up paintings of dinosaurish beasts. As you can see, I'm a bit stuck on boring poses and all the parts don't quite hang together yet. That'll settle within a few days, as usual.

I do actually have an idea for a book about dinosaurs, by the way, but it's unlikely to happen any time soon, I have other plans for 2013.



Samantha Hughes said...

Thanks so much for posting some insights into your process! If you are coming to Perth on the west coast of Australia on your visit and would like to hang out with some illustrators we have a nice bunch of scbwi folk here. :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh, Perth!
That would be nice. I haven't made exact plans yet, but I'll consider the trip!
Thank you :)