Friday, December 21, 2012

Plans for 2013

Here's a list of new things I have planned for 2013.

I've been working at Plymouth Uni as an associate lecturer for a while, and I noticed how much I enjoy having a workplace to go to. I also like having colleagues, sharing cups of tea over work, and seeing a variety of work going on.
So this coming year I will get my dream studio - I started by renting a table in a lovely shared studio in central London, let's see how that goes. It certainly seems wonderful, with really nice people, a courtyard, paint stains, an old-fashioned image enlarger... I can't wait to start work there.

I finished writing a novel some time ago, and I am working on another.
It's always been my dream to be a novelist, and this year I will work towards getting one published.

There's one coming out soon. I am really pleased with it.

This is very officially going to happen very soon indeed: the graphic novel I completed some time ago is about to be published. I put a lot into this one, work, care, dreams, memories and ideas... Sometimes I have a chat with some of the characters when I wake up in the morning, before I open my eyes.

Of course. I'm just putting this here so you don't worry. There's one coming out soon that Alexis Deacon wrote, titled "Cheese Belongs To You".

It'll be an exciting year.

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Mireille Sillander said...

Sounds positively awesome. Especially the studio bit. Having to go out and interacting with other people daily rawks the creative socks.