Monday, November 26, 2012

Very Early Work Indeed

I sorted through a lot of old stuff at my parents' house and we found all my earliest works.

Here is a jigsaw puzzle I designed, my dad cut it out of wood.

There are a LOT of stories...

I was very serious about my own stories. At first I dictated them. There is a whole folder full of those, together with some comic strips I drew later, and an index that I wrote up myself at some point.

But the most exciting thing is my first novel which I wrote in a huge book that my parents bought me in Paris. I was determined to make it epic, and wisely chose a protagonist that was easy to draw: a hoop.

Well, a mouse an a hoop. It's a love story.

When I did the drawings, I could not write yet, so I always left the left hand side blank to fill in later when I would have learned to write.
And I did!

I seem to have gone back over it several times over the years.

It's a very thick book, hundreds of pages, years of work in there. it's just a mouse and a hoop but it goes on FOREVER. See how thick that book is? It's almost full. I'll read it all tonight. Maybe I'll even add a chapter.


kasia said...

This is amazing! I love the little mouse with a hoop. He should have a little cameo in your next book. :)

Heather said...

I adore these! My oldest is eight and I find bits and scraps of discarded projects and save them. She reads and writes as if it were breathing. So fun to look back at your early days and me here imagining my girl's later ones.