Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Wow, I'd forgotten how hard it is to work out these silly cat books... deciding on how all the objects are rendered and building them out of paper and making them look messy while still fitting them EXACTLY on the flaps... My easiest task today was drawing this vase. My hardest one is ongoing: building a crude paper piano that opens up. And it all has to look good!

Talking about the vase: I decided that this book will have more detailed drawings, like that vase. A bit like the fish in the first book. I think it might help contrast the animal characters and the inanimate objects. It also helps me, because the area I live in doesn't seem to have as many nice bits of paper to pick up in the street as the last one, and I threw out most of my paper scraps last time I moved house. So I am doing a little bit more drawing and less collaging. Thus, vase.

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