Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spare Time

This is me, having purchased "Waking Mars", an Xbox360 controller, and some drivers that make it work with my macbook. Yeah, I was planning to work on my novel in the B&B, but it turns out teaching is tiring. No idea how proper full-time teachers do this, as opposed to "associate lecturers". I just have nothing left after a day of re-calibrating my brain every twenty minutes to talk to a new student all day.
Waking Mars is lovely. You are a scientist exploring mars, planting and watering and herding whatever life-forms you encounter, tweaking eco systems and crawling through beautiful retro-rendered caves. My favourite bits look like they were painted in gouache and collaged.

Then I just watched "Skeletons", somehow I'd managed to not hear anything about it, so it was a complete surprise.

So, yeah, no, no writing done. I tried, and I fell asleep in the armchair by the fake fire.
I don't mind though. Sometimes one just needs a break.

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