Friday, November 30, 2012

Recessky TLR Contacts

I finally got around to getting the film from my Recessky TLR developed, the little toy camera I built from a kit of many parts some time ago.
Here's the first contact scan... they are so lovely!
I really didn't expect anything from this (you can tell from the way I filled the film up with random snaps in the park) but now I actually prefer the pictures to the ones my old Diana takes. 

I'm hoping to illustrate my next picture book using toy camera photographs, and now I'm undecided - do I want to use the larger pictures the Diana takes, or the lower-ress fuzzier but beautiful ones from the Recessky?

It's a nice problem to have.
I love my cameras...
Here's my friend Matthew with his own camera - we built one each.

DAMN that scratch down the middle - construction flaw, if you grip the camera too tightly while winding the film, as you do every time, this happens. Grumble.

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