Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plymouth Myst

Today I went for a walk by the seaside. It was cold and bright.

I couldn't help but notice that the place looked like MYST, so I made it a game, decided to be an avatar for whoever would give me instructions and wandered about trying to find puzzles to solve.

So far, nothing has happened at all, but I found a number of promising locations.

I'll go back tomorrow with enough coins to climb the LIGHTHOUSE, and maybe I will find out how to turn on the FERRIS WHEEL by the STONE LIONS...

If anyone feels like sending commands, the hash tag is #PlymouthMyst


  • I can start a new session any time I enter the game area (Plymouth). The game may go on over days, months, who knows. Whenever I start it up I will check the list of commands I have accumulated, execute them and report back online.
  • I will make up my own commands as I go along, but prioritise other people's.
  • I can only be commanded to interact with locations I have discovered already while playing PlymouthMyst, so commands assuming prior knowledge of Plymouth or giving information are invalid.
  • I can only communicate in writing (or drawing) with other people in the game area. I will carry a writing pad and a pencil.
  • Any funds/objects needed in the game must be discovered in the game.
  • I can refuse commands for any reason.
The object of the game has not been discovered yet.
I will continue to report my progress.


with creature


Marker (there are many)

I don't know what happens here.

A war memorial.
Other locations I didn't photograph are THE DOME (it is boarded up and has a golden fish on the top), THE FERRIS WHEEL and THE AQUARIUM. There are a whole load of stairs, terraces, green hills and even a dark mysterious island out in the bay.


I have collected some commands for tomorrow: I shall try to locate the Lighthouse Keeper, ask for a map, and raise funds to pay entry to climb the LIGHTHOUSE by selling drawings at the HARBOUR.
Also I shall attempt to eat the DOME.

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