Monday, November 5, 2012

Digital Dogs

I am working on the third cat book.
So far, there are three main innovations of the series:
1) there's a dog.
2) there are even more flaps. I'm not sure that's an innovation, actually. But for the other books I tried to minimize the flap count to keep the production costs down, this time I just went for it and lo, it seems the finances were there for a metric ton of novelty flaps.
3) I'm allowing myself to use the computer this time.
I expect people are mainly excited about the dog. It's a nice dog, as dogs go.
It's not a secret that I don't like dogs. They stink of old meat, and they pump all the air in any given room through their bodies very fast to spread that smell. Their hair makes me sneeze (I'm allergic). I've been repeatedly bitten by small dogs and knocked down by large dogs - their owners found it hilarious and told me off for getting attacked. And the drool... viscous stuff that smells of dead meat and glues dog hair to everything. Ugh.
I do not enjoy meeting dogs.
That said, whenever I meet one that doesn't stink, bark, attack, glue body fluids to me or make me sneeze, I am completely delighted and I declare it my best friend forever on the spot.

This book is pretty much about my ambivalent attitude towards dogs. I don't think it could have been written by a dog-lover. I'm sure that people will read it and assume that I love dogs and own a bunch, same way that they assume I have cats and children (absolutely not) and horses (what??)...
Anyway. As you can see, the dog in this book is kind of adorable. I think you'll like it.

The computer thing is, to me, the most important innovation. I have been using photoshop for all my other art, it's only those cat books that I have been keeping completely "traditional". But this time there is a lot more scenery involved, mostly furniture, and I really want it to look coherent. So I'm texturing, shading and colour-correcting digitally this time.
That sofa up there is collaged from paper and then colour-corrected to a shade that allows the purple dog to pop - it's just an experiment to see what the best combination of traditional and digital media will be.
The "fabric" pattern is one I drew myself, inspired by Victorian wallpaper, the bottom part is the same as for my fox wallpaper, but I added a load of broccoli. It amused me to use broccoli instead of flowers.


Ben said...

That looks lovely.

Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

Love your choice of colours :)

I'm glad you don't dislike all dogs! I love dogs but can see why you wouldn't like them if you're allergic to them. They can be annoying (mine bark when they hear people approaching the house) but I love them!:)

ALSO the brocolli looks awesome as a fancy pattern! SO COOL!