Friday, October 5, 2012

Incidental Child in a Raincoat

I am still at work finishing the new picture book for Monday...
Here's an incidental character I just put in, he's wearing this outfit for absolutely no discernable reason, has no idea why he's even there, and I just spent half an hour getting the shade of his raincoat right using the available spot colours.
I think he's the kind of kid who doesn't quite get invited to anything, not out of spite but because he's never there when things are planned, somehow, but he turns up following someone else, carrying odd items he figured might be useful for what he imagines the event might entail. This time he brought a bag of Haribo Strawbs, some sticky plasters and a finger puppet of an ostrich that his sister gave him to cheer him up last time he had a bad cold.
What's actually going on in this book he doesn't know, and neither do you, because it'll be a few weeks yet before I'll properly announce it.
Hint: everything but possibly the ostrich will come in handy.

(I just noticed his umbrella doesn't throw a shadow yet. Back to work I guess)

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Paulette said...

Perhaps from time to time, we have all felt like your incidental child..... Just a little lost.