Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dandy Fox

I'm working on a wallpaper design... this is a small part of it. I actually designed and drew all that Victorian-style swirliness. It's really not my kind of thing, but I got into it eventually. As a private joke for myself I made it a stone arc growing out of a plant, hoping it would look a bit absurd and cobbled together.
It's a good exercise to copy a style now and then.
I think this particular swirliness will be useful for parts of my next book about The Cats, which has many more items of furniture in than any other book I've done. I might put in a huge sofa with victorian patterning.
Anyway, this pattern has a fox in it. The request was to make it look a bit like fantastic Mr. Fox, I hope the client will like what I've done with the brief.

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