Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nintendo Drawing Workshop at the V&A!

Check it out! I'm doing a workshop at the V&A on the last of the month.
Everyone will get to use a Nintendo 3DS XL, and I will demonstrate how to paint a cat (and other beasties) using their Art Academy software.
It's pretty cool, I have had the console for a few weeks now and found that Art Academy actually teaches some proper transferable skills - they have a set of digital tools and materials that approximate traditional physical materials surprisingly well - including the fact that there is no undo function, and if you try to draw with pencil over wet paint you'll have no joy! You can even take a 3D photo for reference and work from that. It's neat.
I've mostly been painting improvised beasts starting from random blobs of paint - digital paint dries a whole lot faster!

Full disclosure: yes, they are paying me to do the art lessons and workshop - but not to tell you that it's nifty, which it is.

Book a place if you're interested, click on the flyer for details.

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