Wednesday, September 5, 2012

COME SEE the Treasure Maze and many other brilliant games!

Right. This is what you will do on the weekend from the 14th this month:
Come to South Bank and play games. Hide and Seek, the famed and excellent makers of  social games and playful experiences, are running one of their best-of events on Southbank, London.
There will be games for every taste, stategic and silly, with varying degrees of running around, creativity and all other good things to do with play. Children and adults welcome.

And there will be my game: 150m of cardboard turned into a corrugated labyrinth. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. That's a lot of cardboard.

Hide and Seek's Holly wrote about it:

Treasure Maze is a massive winding installation and a game all in one. The game itself is simple – collect treasure in the maze while avoiding the roaming shark. There are safe places in the maze where you can shelter, and of course you can always leave the maze, if you can find the way – but if the shark gets you before you make it out, then all the treasure you’ve collected is lost. So when you play there’s a classic balancing act between sticking around and collecting more treasure, or getting out while it’s safe instead of risking everything you’ve accomplished so far.
It’s a game that children and adults can play together on a pretty even basis, which is rare – adults might be better on average at plotting and doubling back, but kids can get into the safe spaces much more easily.
What really makes the game special, though, is the physicality of it – squeezing through corridors, crawling into safe caves, feeling the burr of movement as other players move past on the other side of a corrugated cardboard wall (or is it the shark?).

We ran it before at the National Maritime Museum where it really took off--- literally, I sometimes had to herd it back into place because it was physically running away, full of people excitedly hunting treasure and each other.
This time it will be sat in the Clore Ball Room, which in itself is amazing.
Also, I will take a whole day to paint the thing as well, and we will have to cut it up on the last evening - you can reserve your favourite parts during the weekend, and take them away Sunday night.

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