Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shambala: science stuff

I went to the Shambala festival. There were some very cool things going on, my favourite being the guerrilla science zoo . I met a very nice Chameleon called... Jeffrey? I can't quite remember. Also some snakes. My tent was lovely and green, and I managed to put up with wearing rubber boots.

I carried my sketchbook with me and drew some of the festival-goers.

There were a lot of workshops - the one I decided to spend most time at was the Hacked Human Orchestra T-shirt making workshop.
This is my result, with a stitched circuit board, a speaker, and soft switches that I made from conductive material. If you touch any of the three small creatures, the big one in the middle makes a beeping noise. I spent the last hour or so tuning the shirt with resistors to make the most annoying noises I could manage. Brilliant stuff.
This morning, though, I could take no more of milling around in a field with no way of being a) indoors and/or b) alone, and definitely no more of the compost toilets. I stumbled around feeling ragged and wanting nothing but a cup of tea, queued up at the burlesque cafe, and right when I got to the counter the staff all stopped serving and started a dance routine. I wept, and realised that it was time to go home.

Now I am clean, warm and happy, and I shall sleep in my very own bed which is not at all like a tent next to a box that smells of giant meat-eating hamsters. And new rule: no more festivals for me, not even ones where I am invited or paid or given treats. No. Ok? Good.


friv said...

I like your painting

Swati said...

But that t-shirt you came up with is brilliant!