Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Look what I turned my garage sale profit into: REALLY EXPENSIVE TIGHTS!
I had been coveting them for a while, they're by Marimekko.

I also found a whole lot of fun things while sorting through the merchandise, most notably an album of X-Files related songs, complete with fold-out poster. That's what I am listening to right now.

Today I did my first editing session over the internet - my excellent editor for the cat books, Lucy Ingrams, is now working freelance and we get to sit in different cities holding things up to the webcam now instead of meeting at the publisher's. It worked surprisingly well. I can actually see this book being finished soon.

I am particularly excited about the next book - it is one I have been working on for years. We kept putting it back for other projects because the time was never quite right, but now I am determined to finish it. It's not written by me, but by Mr. Edward Lear who I never met for a number of reasons, well, mostly one reason, but I have heard only great things about his character.

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